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There's a multi-million dollar industry built on you being scared of the bar exam... and it's a waste of time! The Bar Exam is Easy is a quick 35-45 minute book that tells you exactly how to pass the bar exam. No boring textbook talk. Just straightforward advice from a licensed Texas attorney.

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UPDATE 10/13: I passed the Georgia bar on the first try! When I bought this book I totally reconfigured my approach. I was working full time for much of the study period and this book saved me MANY MANY hours of study time I simply didn’t have. Do yourself a favor, buy this book, and do what it says. I followed it precisely C. Stallworth, Amazon Review snippet, The Bar is Easy
A few days ago, I was literally on my knees praying for guidance on how to study for and pass the bar exam after two failed attempts and feeling disillusioned with my $3,000 bar review course. Within 24 hours, I found Kris’ book, read it, and corresponded with him personally in order to help me craft a plan for success. FWGeneral, Amazon Review snippet, The Bar is Easy
This book really put everything into perspective. It felt great to have someone say the bar review courses aren’t worth it. After spending thousands of dollars on law school, and being greatly in debt, the last thing I need to feel forced to do is spend more money I don’t have on a course I don’t need. I am so grateful for this book and the peace of mind it gave me. A must read for anyone who feels the panic setting in! Christina M., Amazon Review snippet, The Bar is Easy
I wish I had read this before spending thousands on another bar class. Jennifer M., Amazon Review snippet, The Bar is Easy
Everyone who’s considering taking the bar exam has GOT to get this book! Any anxiety or lack of confidence will be totally gone! D. Osborne, Amazon Review snippet, The Bar is Easy
I would say it’s definitely worth the small investment of both money and time. The advice the author gives is sound. Jane T., Amazon Review snippet, The Bar is Easy
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